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Farming the

The thin, rocky soils and rugged terrain on Mount Veeder make farming the vineyards a challenge.  Cultivation and harvesting is done entirely by hand.  Water is scarce and drains quickly through the volcanic mountain soil.  The vines grow slowly and produce small clusters of intensely-concentrated berries, giving extremely low yields—as little as half that of vineyards on the Napa Valley floor.
But altitude also has its advantages.  During late spring and summer, the Napa Valley floor is swathed in morning fog.  At 1,000 to 1,600 feet above sea level, the vines on Mount Veeder break through the fog that blankets the valley allowing for gentle exposure to the morning sun.
The growing season is so long on Mount Veeder that harvest often does not begin until November.  This extra hang time is crucial for flavor, aroma and color in the wine.  The richness in our Mount Veeder wines comes first from stressed vines that produce low yields, but is accentuated by slow, even ripening.
Farming on the mountain is demanding, but the reward is wines with incredible concentration, intensity and depth, rich and earthy tannins and bold, dark fruit flavors.

The rugged mountain conditions on Mount Veeder produce grapes with intensely concentrated fruit and big, rich tannins.


Micheal and Arlene Bernstein create a world class winery with love, hard work, and a little luck.


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